Depending On Your Willingness To Help Others, You Can Register. Once You Register, The Software Will Automatically Assign A Receiver To You.

Free Registration to participant in Helping us india. After Your Registration you should give Provide Help. You`re helping amount Confirm after Provide Help. After confirm your profit amounts, you will eligible for get Help.

Direct Income.

10% Direct Income to Provide help

Silver bonus

5 % Silver bonus will be calculated after participant complete the 10 direct referals.

After your Registration, you can refer number of participants for Give Help and you will get 10% Referal income. Terms & Conditions of Opportunity :-

1. 10% Direct Referal.

2. You will eligible for Get help, After confirm your profit, You will be Received on Get Help by other Participant who has committed to Provide Help.

3. Minimum Request For Helping Amount 5,000 INR - 50,000 INR

4. Minimum Request For Receive Help 1,000 INR

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Our community: change the life of those,who have no hope!

Helping us India is not a company. Helping us India is not business. In Helping us India there is no boss or owner. Helping us India is an international, free, self-adjusting community. It's a Social virus. This is a Community of people who are changing the world, people who have no guarantees of repayment of their funds, they donate money to help people, the same simple people as they are, in difficulties. Site and virtual accounts are only tools which help people to assist each other. Programm only collects data from people who need help at the moment and sends the data to people who are willing to provide this help. The fact that you gave help will not oblige anyone to give help to you. You should know this, and do not participate in Helping us India with the money that you are not ready to give to another person free of charge. Everyone who believes Helping us India is a business or MLM company and thinks only how to earn money here, please do not participate in our community.

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If you wait for happy moments, You will wait forever. But If you start believing that you are happy, You will be happy forever.
Full stop is not a real end, Because we can form a sentence after that. Like that in life, Failure is not the real end, It is the real beginning of success.
Dear beneficiary in one time get help request amt,1000 to 5000 for Ex.if your amt.50000 then you get help 5000*10 in one day thanks for helping family

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Launching Bonus 50%...

Child protection:

We strive to protect those that cannot protect themselves.

health & nutrition:

We strive to teach families and providers about health and nutrition through diet to help them live healthy and happy lives.


We also strive to teach them innovative ways to create opportunity and commerce by connecting them to the rest of the world.

Education & child development

We will strive to work with the latest technology and the best education models to help the children learn quickly.


We will strive to provide education on the prevention and containment of HIV/AIDS to help curtail the spread of communicable disease.

Saving one child at a time

At Helping us India it all started with a simple wish to help a fellow human being.

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